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HeartStone Advisors is a third generation, family owned and operated financial firm. After more than sixty years in the industry, we know that sound financial guidance involves more than simply giving advice on choosing investments. We take a more holistic approach — taking time to understand each client’s unique situation, lifetime goals, and specific needs.

Advice Made Simple

Do you know what you’re paying for investment advice? If you’re dealing with a broker, chances are that you have no clue. HeartStone Advisors works in a fiduciary capacity for all our clients – whether they’re a corporate retirement plan or individual. Our fees are simple and transparent – we charge an annual fee based on the assets we manage. That’s it. No commissions, no sales charges, no B.S.! We are investment fiduciaries who pride ourselves on providing independent, unbiased advice at costs that are competitive in today’s heavily scrutinized investment industry. HeartStone is taking the ass out of asset management – providing fiduciary services to the Flathead Valley in a laid-back, approachable manner.

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About Us - HeartStone Advisors

About HeartStone Advisors

As wealth managers, we spend enough of our day sitting in front of a computer. When work is through, the Matarazzo family loves nothing more than to hit the trails, rivers, or lakes surrounding the Flathead Valley. In our opinion client meetings don’t have to be at an office or even a coffee shop. If you enjoy hiking, we’ll gladly meet you at the trailhead. Fly fishing? We spend many weekends each summer on Northwest Montana’s world-class rivers. The outdoor pursuits don’t stop when the snow starts falling; some of our most productive meetings have been on Chair 1 at Big Mountain – a 7.6 minute mini-meeting!


Who We Serve

Through sixty years in the financial services industry, we’ve served clients from all walks of life: everyone from young parents looking to purchase their first home to corporate executives of publicly traded companies. Though our clientele is certainly varied, the level of services we provide do not waver. Regardless of your assets or the complexity of your financial landscape, HeartStone aims to bring the same level of fiduciary care to all of our clients.

Business Owners

We have carved a distinct niche in assisting small to medium sized business owners. Being small business owners ourselves for the last three generations, we are aware of the ties between you and your business – your business is tied to your financial wellbeing and your ties to the business are deeply personal. We have a strong track record in 401(k) and pension management, and we are able to work with business owners on both sides of the ledger. By incorporating personal advice into the management of their business’s 401(k) or pension, we are able to provide holistic advice for the both the business owner and their business.


We believe in financial planning that benefits the entire family. If your goals are to pay for your children’s or grandchildren’s education, we can help. If you want to ensure you are not a burden on your family at the later stages of life, we can help. Managing your family’s finances is no easy task. As well as the expense of raising children, you’re most likely facing everyday financial burdens, like needing to save for retirement, college tuition, home ownership, and more. However, considering your family’s short and long-term financial goals, and finding a healthy balance of both, is possible and we can certainly help.


To build a smart investment plan, you have to know why you are investing. Once you know the goal, figuring out which decisions are most likely to get you there becomes easier. At HeartStone Advisors, we collaborate with clients in all stages of life. Whether you’ve just graduated from college and want to start saving for the future, you’re having your first child and want to start a college fund, or you want to figure out what you’ll need for a comfortable retirement, we can help you reach your goals. Rather than being one of millions at a large brokerage institution, our clients receive personal attention from a small team of dedicated employees.

Our Investment Philosophy

As unbiased fiduciaries, we feel it’s best to bring a “manager of managers” approach to investments. What’s that mean? “Manager of managers” means that we’ll almost never suggest individual stocks or bonds for you to purchase – that’s the job of the manager. That manager could be any mutual fund, ETF (exchange traded fund) or SMA (separately managed account) manager such as American Funds, Vanguard, or Blackrock. We, as managers of managers, analyze and choose from the entire universe of fund managers in an independent and unbiased way.

Our Philosophy

Our Financial Services

When Fred Matarazzo began our family firm in 1958, he started life as an accountant. However, he constantly found himself providing financial advice that was outside the realm of accounting. That’s why a few decades later, Fred became one of the first Certified Financial Planners (CFP) in the country. At HeartStone Advisors, we carry on Fred’s tradition of holistic advice giving.

401(k) & Pension

Most brokers try to sell 401(k) plans and pensions as “products.” Fees are often opaque and most times they are grossly overpriced. Business owners have allowed it to get this way because their company retirement plan is often looked at as “just a benefit” for their employees. Most business owners do not realize that they are personally liable to understand and approve all fees within their plan. HeartStone turns this on its head.

Wealth Management

As fiduciaries, wealth management is at the core of what we do. We manage your money – it’s that simple! Whether you have a 401(k) balance sitting with an old employer, or you have accounts for a variety of firms, HeartStone Advisors can invest and monitor your assets. As fiduciaries, we are not compensated by anyone but you, the client. We have access to a variety of investment vehicles and we work carefully to choose those that suit your needs.

The Matarazzo Team

Sixty years ago, Fred Matarazzo Sr. began a different kind of financial services firm – one focused on family values and boutique customer service. Two generations later, Al, Zach and Maddie, Fred’s son and grandchildren, carry on these cherished ideals. The Matarazzo family has decades of experience in financial services; running a business ourselves, we have grown deeply knowledgeable of the financial needs of small to medium-sized business owners.

Fred Matarazzo

Fred Matarazzo



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Al Matarazzo

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