A HeartStone Summer! Zach’s Top 5 from 2018

With the arrival of labor day weekend, the Matarazzo family seems to have put a wrap on the 2018 summer. My sister, Maddie, is back to college (for her final year!) at James Madison University in Virginia. The snow seems to have returned to the high peaks. Going to the Sun Road is (unfortunately) closed. Indeed, by most measures our Montana summer is behind us. However that’s alright with us! Summer craziness has given way to more time in the office and a little less hectic schedule. We eagerly look forward to the coming golden larches, crisp mornings, and snow-capped peaks.

To reflect on this summer, I wanted to post a list of my personal 5 favorite activities. Some are well-known. Others are more obscure. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration for some adventures of your own next summer!