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HeartStone Advisors

Sixty years ago, Fred Matarazzo Sr. began a different kind of financial services firm – one focused on family values and boutique customer service. Two generations later, Al and Zach, Fred’s son and grandson, carry on these cherished ideals. The Matarazzo family has decades of experience in financial services; running a business ourselves, we have grown deeply knowledgeable of the financial needs of small business owners.

How Did We Become HeartStone Advisors?

A HeartStone is exactly what you might think – a heart shaped rock or stone. However, for our family, these stones are ingrained in nearly every activity we do. If we’re hiking a trail, you’d best believe that we’re constantly scanning the trailside for heart shaped rocks. If we’re rafting, we’ll often pull over to scan the shoreline for these beautiful stones.

HeartStones are a simple and approachable adventure. Anyone can find one – whether at the top of a high mountain peak or right in your own backyard. We think your financial journey should be the same way – simple, approachable, and maybe even a bit of an adventure to attain your financial goals.

Though this video was filmed nearly twenty years ago, not much has changed for our firm. Sure, the business name and location may vary, but the Matarazzo family provides the same commitment to service today that they did back when Fred founded the firm in 1958.