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Our small and supportive team at HeartStone Advisors consists of experts in all fields and disciplines ready to offer financial advice and support as your financial situation changes. We recognize that financial management and direction consists of much more than offering advice on picking which stock or company with which to invest. We believe in a more holistic approach and put forth the effort necessary when it comes to appreciating each and every client’s personal position, particular requirements, and lifetime goals.

Financial Planning Made Simple

How much are you paying for investment advice right now? You don’t know? If you are in business with a traditional broker, there is a good chance that you are paying for advice and you don’t even know it. Buried in the fine print are all sorts of charges that pay that firm’s bills. At HeartStone Advisors, we’re different. Our fees are transparent and easy to understand – no matter if we’re representing your corporate retirement plan or your individual strategy. We work in a fiduciary role for all of our clients – big or small. Our fees are simply based on the assets that we manage and no more or less. We do not charge commission, sales charges, or try to upsell you into investment strategies or tools that you do not need. We take issue with firms like that and take pride in providing unbiased and independent guidance at a very competitive cost. Just like the Kalispell area, we are approachable, relaxed, and easy to deal with.

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About Us - HeartStone Advisors

About HeartStone Advisors

We are not your grandfather’s investment firm. We work hard and we play hard. We spend plenty of time in front of a computer screen as is, so we enjoy the surroundings of the Kalispell area and Flathead Valley as much as possible. Chances are, you’ll find one of us walking the trail or fishing Western Montana’s beautiful lakes and rivers whenever we can get the chance. In fact, we love to have client meetings in our great outdoors. Who says an office or coffee shop has to be the industry standard? We sure don’t! If you enjoy hiking or fly fishing, we’ll gladly meet up at the trailhead or your favorite river bend. Don’t worry if it’s winter either. Our outdoor adventures don’t stop once the snow starts falling. Some of our most effective meetings have been on Chair 1 at Big Mountain! We can’t wait to show you how much can get done away from the office.


Who We Serve

With over six decades of experience in the financial services industry, we’re proud to have been a part of the financial futures of clients from all sorts of backgrounds. We gladly serve those trying to figure out how to live the life they want, to those that are hoping to protect their wealth and grow it. From first-time home buyers to CEOs of huge companies, we can talk with you on your level. Although our clients’ backgrounds do vary, the service we provide do not. No matter your current financial status, accumulated wealth, level of assets, or the complexity of your personal financial situation, HeartStone brings the same level of attention and care to all of your clients.

Business Owners

As small business owners ourselves, we have carved a distinct niche when it comes to improving your company’s financial wellbeing. We know that your business is an extension of yourself and approach it with a personal nature not found in other firms. We have a strong track record when it comes to 401(k) and pension management and can offer sound advice for you or for your employees. Should you want to add benefits like profit sharing, investment matching, investment plans, or even health insurance, we can offer advice and guidance on the proper direction needed to do it all in a cost-effective and positive manner. By combining personal advice with your professional role, we are able to give holistic guidance for you and for your business needs.


We trust in financial planning that is good for the whole family. If you hope to fund your children or grandchildren’s education, we are here for you. If your goal is to make sure that you are not a cause of grief or strain in your later years, we are here for you. We recognize and appreciate the fact that managing your family’s finances are not simple. If they were, we’d all be rich. When it comes to everyday expenses, raising children, and expected and unexpected financial loads like retirement saving, college tuition, home ownership, or even a death in the family, we are here for you. We have seen it all and offered sound guidance through the best of life and through the worst of life. When it comes to balancing long-term financial goals while traversing life’s uneven path, we can show you the best ways to do it.


When it comes to constructing a sound and clever investment plan, you must understand why it is that you are investing – it all starts with a goal. Once you know your goal, then deciding on the choices you want to make become easier. At HeartStone Advisors, we work with clients in all stages of life and in all stages of financial wellbeing. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to be rich to work with a financial advisor. Whether you just graduated from college and are wanting to save for the future, to hoping to start a college fund for your newborn, to being recently divorced and wanting to go back to school and start again, we can help you find the ways to reach your goals and plan for a comfortable retirement. Because we are not a large brokerage firm with locations across the country, we have the resources to give individual attention to our Kalispell clients. We are small, we are local, we are fiercely loyal, and we have your best interests in mind.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our “manager of managers” approach is the cornerstone to our unbiased fiduciary role. This means that we will rarely, if ever, suggest individual stock and bonds for you to purchase. We believe that is the role of the manager, with the manager being any mutual fund, ETF (exchange traded fund), or SMA (separately managed account) manager such as American Funds, Vanguard, or Blackrock. Our role as “manager of managers” is to analyze, decipher, and pick from the complete landscape of fund managers. We do this in an independent and unbiased manner that ensures you will always have the best advice that is not influenced in any way but by your best interests.

Our Philosophy

Our Financial Services

When Fred Matarazzo started our family business in 1958, he did so an accountant. But his spirit was so much more than that. He soon stepped out beyond that role and offered financial advice far beyond that of the traditional accountant. His vision led him to become one of the original Certified Financial Planners (CFP) in the entire country! That same spirit is what guides HeartStone Advisors to this very day and into the future. We believe in holistic financial planning and believe our clients deserve the very best.

401(k) & Pension

Traditional brokers consider 401(k) plans and pensions as products to be sold. Fees are often buried within the fine print and cost far too much than they should. Much of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the business owners themselves. Far too long, they have considered retirement plans as simple benefits and not treated them as the lifelong tools they are meant to be. It is imperative that a business owner understands the intricacies of these plans so they can act in the best interests of their team members and their own bottom line. HeartStone Advisors will help you offer the best retirement options for your team at the best prices for you.

Business Services

As an accountant, a young Fred Matarazzo began his career offering small business owners exactly what you would expect. We helped with taxation, payroll, inventory, and more. Even though we do not consider ourselves an accounting firm anymore, much of the same attitude remains. We love the fact that we are able to provide advice and guidance to the small business owner as he or she navigates the constantly evolving world of local, state, and federal regulations and challenges. We know that your business is deeply personal and is an extension of yourself and your family. This is something we take seriously and is evident to all of those that we partner with.

Estate Planning

An estate is not a huge mansion with luxury cars in the driveway and horses roaming the grounds. Dollar shaped pools and shrub mazes are rarely a part of our clients’ personal situation. An estate is simply anything and everything you consider yours. It can be your home, your vehicle, your boat, a vacation property, bank accounts, life insurance, and personal possessions. Your estate can be large or it can be small, but it is definitely yours and should go where you choose. No matter your situation, HeartStone Advisors is happy and able to work with you and ensure that your final wishes are met.

Wealth Management

Managing wealth is the cornerstone from which we operate. We are wealth managers, no more or no less. It doesn’t matter if that wealth is tied up in a 401(k) from two employers ago or spread out among several checking and savings accounts. It doesn’t matter if it’s real estate or stocks, we know how to manage it. HeartStone Advisors can invest and monitor your wealth in all of its forms. Remember, we are not paid by anyone but you and this means that our interests our your own. We have a multitude of investments tools at our disposal and will ensure that we use the right ones that are best for you and your needs.

Financial Planning

Everyone has goals and ambitions but, unfortunately, far too few actually achieve them. Without the proper plan in place, all of these goals and ambitions will simply fall by the wayside. Allow us to help you formulate a plan and see it through. This is our business, sure, but our passion is people. We do this for the success of our clients and partners. We look forward to helping you to achieve the goals and ambitions you desire.

Retirement Planning

We all look forward to the day that we don’t have to work anymore but not enough of us consider the steps needed to get there comfortable. With the volatile political climate, we cannot rely on just social security to get us through our golden years. In fact, would social security even be enough to allow you to live your later years as you want? What is your plan? Have you already started it? Always remember that your retirement plan begins well before you retire. The amount of money you need to retire is different for everyone but there are some general rules you can follow that help you determine what you may need. HeartStone Advisors can help.

The Matarazzo Team

Sixty years ago, Fred Matarazzo Sr. started a financial services firm that was focused on family and customer service. Two generations later, those same values reign supreme. Al and Zach, Fred’s son and grandson, ensure that Fred’s vision is always met. The Matarazzo family possesses decades of financial expertise in a variety of disciplines – with each bound by the very ideals that Fred instilled in them. No matter your situation, you can be confident in knowing that it will be approached the right way.

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Fred Matarazzo



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