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Fred MatarazzoFred Matarazzo Senior began his career as an accountant, advising small business owners on everything from taxation to inventory. Though we’re not an accounting office today, things have not changed all that much. Our firm has always prided itself in catering to the complexities of business owners’ lives. As small business owners ourselves, we recognize that your business is deeply personal and closely tied to your financial wellbeing.

When HeartStone does financial planning for business owners, we understand that your income is more than just a paystub. We holistically digest your entire financial picture – business activities included. For better or worse, your business does not end when you leave your office. Neither does ours! We’re an empathetic ear because we live with the same challenges.

Some of our deepest client relationships come from business-servicespeople who are “all in” with our firm. We manage their personal investments, give financial planning advice, and manage their company’s 401(k) as well. Few other financial planners have the expertise (and the resources available to them) to handle institutional accounts such as larger pensions and 401(k)s. With decades of experience, HeartStone Advisors feels comfortable wearing both hats – one as “personal financial planner” and the other as “institutional money manager.” For you, the business owner, that means one stop financial advice for both you and your business.

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