Wealth Management

For individuals, and families, wealth management is at the core of what HeartStone does. Wealth management means different things to different firms, but to us at HeartStone, we think of wealth management as asset management. Financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning are all very important for the individual client; however they all have one thing in common – the need (and assumption) of a return on investment. Because of this, wealth management and asset management have become the core of what we do; it is embodied in all other services we offer. HeartStone has many institutional clients for whom we manage investments every day (pensions, 401(k)s, foundations, etc.) Because our firm has deep experience with managing institutional money, we are uniquely poised to offer sophisticated investment advice to individuals and families as well. If we can manage the assets of complex business accounts, we feel confident that we can assist in the management of your household investments as well!

What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management involves the successful investment of a clients’ assets based upon liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and specific environmental/social desires. Wealth management is not one size fits all. Before we make investment decisions on behalf of our clients, we always have a thorough discussion of their specific needs. Of course, different clients have different capacity for risk; they also have different time horizons for when they’ll need their investments returned to them. HeartStone aims to quantify these constraints to produce a roadmap dictating how client funds should be invested.

We pride ourselves in delivering low cost investment vehicle at HeartStone Advisors. Through the use of ETFs and institutionally-priced mutual funds, we strive to consistently offer competitive pricing to our clients – both at the fund level and the management level. Additional fees of even half a percent, compounded over years, can have significant drag on the performance of a portfolio. As we’re fiduciaries, compensated by you, the client, we want to see your portfolio grow as large as possible!

Why Is Wealth Management Important?

Proper wealth management is essential to any client looking to simplify their financial picture. For decades, we have had clients come to our firm with scattered assets. They may have 2-3 old 401(k) plans, a small Roth with an old broker, an IRA held at a fund company, and a retail taxable account at a custodian. That’s 4 or more statements in the mail and 4 or more online accounts to monitor! Far worse than that – with all these disparate accounts, clients have no idea what their aggregate risk is, or their how much they’re paying in aggregate fees. How could they, if they have several accounts, held at several places, with no one advising them?

HeartStone aims to streamline the wealth management process. We can hold most assets under one roof, providing streamlined statements and reporting. Furthermore, we can synthesize data on all of these accounts – providing insight on fees, risk, and performance that would not be possible with a “DIY” approach.

Who Can Benefit From Wealth Management?

All clients, big or small, can benefit from a wealth management process that emphasizes low-fees and streamlined reporting. Most goals of a financial plan or retirement plan involve growing ones’ assets to better assist them ‘down the line.’ Because of this, virtually everyone should be interested in having their investments managed in an educated, intentional manner.

There is no denying that in today’s technological world of robo-advisors and investment apps, many people feel they can handle managing their investments themselves. However, for many, having a human – a trusted friend, in particular – between them and their assets is vital. Clients are inherently emotional with their money – and why shouldn’t they be? They’ve worked hard for it! HeartStone aims to be the psychological barrier between you and your money. Without any psychological barrier, many clients will do the exact opposite of what they should. They’ll “sell low, buy high.” They’ll buy a stock strictly based on a favorable news report. They’ll buy bitcoin because their 15 year old son made a hefty profit on it. As your advisor, and hopefully your friend, HeartStone aims to be the one to make you stop and think before these hasty decisions.

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If you believe you can benefit from having someone looking at your entire financial picture, we encourage you to consider us. HeartStone has the experience, technology, and institutional expertise to manage the largest of family accounts. We also have the ability to explain financial concepts in the simplest of terms, allowing us to the assets of those with more modest means. Regardless of net worth, we hope you’ll reach out to our firm.

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