Outdoor Recreation

As wealth managers, we spend enough of our day sitting in front of a computer. When work is through, the Matarazzo family loves nothing more than to hit the trail, river, or lake. We have traveled the globe in pursuit of outdoor adventures – from SCUBA diving Fijian reefs to hiking the trails of New Zealand. We invite you to join us on our local adventures! Like we’ve said, we spend enough time at our desks. In our opinion, client meetings don’t have to be at an office, or even a coffee shop. If you enjoy hiking, we’ll gladly meet you at the trail head. If you’re a biker, we’ll gladly join. Fly fishing? Hop on our raft to float NW Montana’s many world class rivers!

In need of inspiration for your own adventure? Be sure to check out HeartStone’s Blog, which documents our outdoor pursuits.