SPEAK = Success! Thanks to all who attended.

Today marks the three weeks since our SPEAK event at Casey’s. We counted roughly 100 people at the event – in our eyes it was a huge success! All comments we received indicated that it was both educational and fun. Maybe there will be another SPEAK event in the future!

For those who missed the event, or would like to rewatch someone’s speech, you can find all of the videos posted to our YouTube page. They’re embedded below for your convenience.

Again, thank you so much to all of you who came out. Enjoy, and have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Introduction / Hype Reel (Thanks, Wheelie Creative!)

Jared & Lindley Lynch from Mountain Berry Bowls

Huntley Ritter from Stafford / USeek

Lauren Oscilowski from Spotted Bear Spirits

Lisa Slagle from Wheelie Creative

Susan Clarke from Thrive, Inc.