Wildlife All Over

For us, a huge part of moving to Montana was the solitude. We relished in the idea of not being able to see our neighbors from our front porch. We found a property that already had a trail cut into it, perfect for snow shoeing in the winter, or walking the dogs.

We never really thought of the wildlife that may be on our property. We occasionally saw deer and turkeys by the house, but we never stopped to think what else may be in the deep corners of our land. Until, of course, we saw some strange footprints in the snow. These footprints were incredible. They seemed human-like, yet were far wider than the human gate moving through the deep snow. Even more concerning was the deer hide perfectly skinned and hung high on a nearby tree.

Of course, the first thing we all thought was “big foot”. My dad bought a trail camera to look over the area, hoping we would catch big foot on our property.

Sadly, we have not caught big foot (yet), but the trail camera has picked up some pretty cool videos over the past few months! In the winter we caught a little bob cat moving through the snow.

As the snow melts and animals start moving around more, we have picked up even more footage of deer, elk, fox and turkeys moving through the corner of the property. Sometimes we catch coyotes moving together even!

Possibly the best (although a bit unnerving) video the trail camera captured was a giant grizzly! We knew there were bears in the area, but we didn’t know they were on our property! Now Dad mows with bear spray on him.

Have a safe bear season everyone! And of course, we will let you know if we ever do capture big foot on our trail camera.